Welcome to C4TSC

Our Technical Support Center is a place where to give remote support to anyone anywhere with any device. We are trained to support Windows, Mac as well as mobile devices. We are located in the central part of the United States and support all over the world.

Remote Support

When using our support center, please make sure you are in contact with our support person before moving forward. Thank you

  • RS1

    Please click on the button below (R1button) to go to our remote support page.

  • RS2

    Please click on the (R2button) below to start downloading of our remote support app.

  • Onsite Support Request

    Please use the Onsite Request button below to email us an onsite request.

Infection Information

Its always recommended that your system or systems should be secured on your network. This includes, home, home business, small business and enterprise business and all devices.

  • 5,120 Infectioned files found per day.
  • 8,192 Infections per day missed.
  • 2,048 Number of attempts of infections per day.
  • 4,096 Number of scam's per day.
  • 1,024 Number of systems not secured.

There are two links below will allow you to do a free scan on your system and devices. We always recommend to have Internet Security application on all systems and devices. Infections these days are most likely to come from emails and a person allowing remote connection to there pc.

Scanning Applications

We recommend also to have a malware, adware, spyware application as well. These kind of infections are like ad pop-up's, system slowness are few things we see. Please use the links below to download and scan your system and devices for free.