Welcome to Alexa and Lincoln County Public Safety

Confiuring Alexa Devices

This will be a step by step instructions on how to configure your Alexa device and app to be able to listen to Lincoln County Public Safety.

If your looking to setup your Alexa device or app that you have installed. Please follow the instructions below to get to work correctly. Any questions or concerns please contact us at info@c4computers.net

Step 1 - If Alexa app is not installed, please download it in your app store (Apple Store, Android Store or download for Windows).

Step 2 - Once installed, launch (open) application and please go to "More" then "Skills and Games".

Step 3 - Once there, search for "Radio Browser Skills", once found "Enable" it.

Step 4 - Once enabled, then open up your web brower (Edge, Chrome or Firefox) and go to the link below: Web Address > https://esp8266-server.de/alexa/RadioBrowser/en

Step 5 - Once website is open (https://esp8266-server.de/alexa/RadioBrowser/en) the site is going to ask you for a password. You will need to ask Alexa what the password is by the saying "Alexa ask radio browser what the password is". Once you get the password, make sure the box that says "Accept technically necessary cookies contact" click that box, and enter the password into the box that says "Password".

Step 6 - Programming a new favorite list Once in the site (https://esp8266-server.de/alexa/RadioBrowser/en), you will be a button that will say “Add URL”, click on the button.

Step 7 - A windows will pop up (like below), Please fill out the following Number - This can be labeled as number 1 (or whatever number you want it labeled as) Station Name - Lincoln County Public Safety Stream URL - Please copy and paste into the box this address: > https://broadcastify.cdnstream1.com/35653 <

Step 8 - Once everything is configured in the Steam URL box, then click on the “Add Button”. Once the windows goes away, you should see the following stream labeled in the stream box.

Alexa command

To listen to LCSP on Alexa after it is installed and setup. Use the command below.

Step 9, Finishing installation | Alexa voice command Once everything is completed. You can close out of the website and then ask Alexa the following statement: (make sure your Play #1 is the same number listed under “numbers” you have sat up). Tell your Alexa Device:  

"Alex, tell Radio Browser to Play #1"

App and Software links for Alexa

Use the links below to download Alexa app to your mobile device.