C4 Cloud Storage

Welcome to C4 Cloud Storage. Cloud storage is getting to be a popular thing these days. Alot of people with the newer devices need to have some kind of backup of there devices, or some please to be able to work remotely from. Our cloud storage will allow you to do both.

Knowledge - Cloud Storage, What is it?

CS is like having a USB drive plug into your system where you can store files/folders and documents. That way they are backup, able to access at it anytime, this is what CS does but without having the USB drive plug in.

Todays Cloud Storage

Today we use cloud storage if you know it or not with our moble devices. Apple has there own cloud storage that you can access from a web browser by going to icloud.com. Google has there cloud storage that you can access your pictures and documents by www.google.com/photo and www.google.com/drive, but with google to you have to make sure your PC/Laptop is being backup to google drive. It isn't common to have your system backup up, but it is recommend to backup your system on a weekly basis just in case data is loss do to a hardware of your system.

Pro's & Con's about Cloud Storage


  • Data (Pictures, Documents, Files and Folders) Backup Offsite.
  • Access 24/7/365 to all information by web browser.
  • Restore data if hardware fails on system.


  • Loss of Data.
  • Loss of information from hardware fail.
  • Loss of time of having to redo all documents/files/folders.

Cloud Storage Pricing


Amount of Storage Description Price
50Gig Free storage up to 50Gig of space. Setup fee one time charge $75.00. 0.00
1TB 1TB of Storage and Backup. Setup fee waved. 99.99 per month
3TB 3 TB of Storage, Backup and Mobile Backup. Setup fee waved. 129.99 per month
5TB 5 TB of Storage, Backup and Mobile Backup. Setup fee waved. 149.99 per month
10TB 10 TB of Storage, Backup and Mobile Backup, Setup fee waved. 299.99 per month