Network Support Center

Welcome to the network support center. Here we work though the issues with your network to see if this can be supported by remote support or need to schedule a tech to come to sight.

Knowledge - Network Trouble Shooting

Network issues can be just more then one issue today. Few steps can be done before talking with a support person, they are

Wired Network

Make sure your network cable is connected to your pc/laptop. Make sure you can see lights where the network cable plus into the system. Next step would be to check to see if you can open a webpage by going to or or If your not able to open any of the webpages, then it could be a hardware issue. This would be the time to contact us for an onsite visit.

Wireless Network

Wireless network are very popular these days, here are some common troubling shooting solutions. Make sure you are connected to wireless by checking on the wireless icon down by your time on the tool bar. Another thing is making sure you able to see your SSID (Your wireless network name) in your list of wireless network around you. And the most common step is to restart your wireless access point (Or your wiresless modem). If this doesn't resolve the issue, then we may need to send a tech onsite to see what is going on.



Billing is every half hour min.

Services Description Price
Remote Support This service is for remote support service. 75.00 Per every half hour.
Onsite Support This service is where a tech support person would come to site. 125.00 per every half hour.

Remote Support